Vela Canada, a BC based non-profit, specialized in the model for Microboards 30 years ago and is expanding it’s expertise to countries around the world. Their recent partnership is with Uloba, Independent Living Norway.
A Microboard™ is a small (micro) group of committed family and friends (a minimum of 5 people) who join with an individual with a disability to create a non-profit society (board). Together, they help the individual plan his/her life, advocate for what they need, monitor services, manage funding and ensure they are safe. Ultimately providing the individual with the opportunity to live a self-directed, independent lifestyle.
Uloba, Independent Living Norway, is a well established and respected National Independent Living centre that wanted to broaden their system to include individuals with intellectual disabilities. Uloba connected with Vela Canada and implemented the Microboard model to provide people with disabilities in Norway access to supportive-decision making and self-directed services.
Uloba heard about Vela Canada and Microboards a few years ago at an international conference called The Zero Project. Recently, Linda Perry, Vela Canada’s Executive Director, presented about Microboards at the Uloba office in Norway. During the meeting Uloba and Vela Canada signed a letter of intent to exchange information and experiences, creating an international affiliation between Vela Canada and Uloba. The agreement outlines that both organizations will demonstrate their adherence to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Uloba will actively utilize Vela Canada’s core values when creating Microboards and Vela Canada will reciprocate when using Uloba’s materials. Uloba will recognize Vela Canada as the founder of Microboards making Vela Canada an international name.
“We are pleased to be able to share are expertise with Uloba in Norway. Uloba is a leader within the Independent Living Movement, and it is important to work together to help strengthen everyone’s human rights. We are honoured that Uloba approached us and that they want to encourage their community to develop Microboards for people with developmental disabilities; allowing the individual to participate fully in their community, directing their own life”. – Linda Perry, Executive Director, Vela Canada.
About Vela Canada
Established in 1985, Vela Canada is a not-for-profit based in British Columbia, Canada. Vela Canada assists individuals with disabilities in taking greater control of their lives by exploring ideas that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports through developing a Microboard™ or accessing Individualized Funding. There are now over 1,200 Microboards™ in BC alone.
Vela Canada, known internationally as the experts on the development of Microboards™, was the first organization in the world to offer this focused service. They have been gaining traction and have been asked to help international family groups, organizations and governments throughout Canada, Australia, the United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, the Republic of Ireland, and recently, Norway.
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