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F9 literally takes the Fast and Furious franchise to new heights. Dom and his wife, Letty, are taken from their isolated family life for a new mission. They and their team learn Dom’s estranged brother, Jakob, is working for a wealthy foreign oligarch trying to steal a dangerous computer hard drive system. The system will be uploaded to a newly launched satellite to hack into all satellites and control all the world’s electronic and military devices. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal how Dom and Jakob’s father died and why Dom blames his brother. WOW excellent movie

The Last Full Measure

The Last Full Measure tells the true story of Airman William Pitsenbarger, who died during the Vietnam War. American soldiers from the First Infantry Division become pinned down due to faulty air support coordinates. This allows the Viet Cong to overrun their position. Instead of leaving with the last helicopter, William chooses to stay and save the lives of more than 60 men before making the ultimate sacrifice himself. Years later, in 1999, a Pentagon staffer is assigned to investigate whether William deserves a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery.

Real Right Stuff

The Real Right Stuff is an awe-inspiring, faith-filled documentary on Disney Plus [Disney+] about the seven American astronauts who paved the way for space travel in the 1960s. In the late 1950s, the United States was at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union when Communist Russia launched the first human satellite. This sparked a “Space Race” between America and Russia. Determined to beat the Russians to the moon, the United States searched for able-bodied men to train to go around the Earth in orbit. After careful consideration of scuba divers, military men and civilians with like backgrounds, seven men were selected in the early 1960s for the Mercury Project.

Fathers Legacy

A Fathers Legacy is a drama about two men from different worlds, whose lives collide. Wounded in a robbery, a young man named Nick breaks into the home of Billy, an elderly, reclusive Vietnam vet. Nick makes demands at gunpoint. Billy has nothing to lose and not much will to live. He has a chance to escape and turn Nick into the police. However, Billy looks deeper into Nick and sees a young man who needs help. Billy spends time with Nick. He teaches him how to fish and how to fix things, while he doles out words of wisdom. To his surprise, their friendship challenges Billy to look at his own life and make peace with his past before it’s too late.
Run time 90 min


Resurrection is an entertaining movie version of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, streaming on Discovery+. The movie starts with a visualization of Roman power in Jerusalem. Quickly, it moves to Jesus’ arrest, Caiaphas asking Jesus if He’s the Messiah, and Jesus responding, “I am.” Jesus is crucified, Peter denies Jesus, and the apostles wonder what to do next. After three days, Mary Magdalen goes to the tomb and finds it empty. Mary reports to the apostles she’s actually seen Jesus alive, but they don’t believe her. They soon discover the truth for themselves.

Church People

Church People is a satirical faith-based comedy. Guy is a young man who goes on tour as “America’s youth pastor.” However, Guy senses his ministry becoming more about the show and less about Jesus and His Gospel. Returning home, Guy realizes his senior pastor, Skip, has bought into the megachurch marketing machine. At first, Guy wants to leave the church, but he still has work to do with youth group. Pastor Skip is willing to do whatever it takes to sell Christianity, even stage an Easter crucifixion. Guy assembles an unlikely team to overcome Pastor Skip’s crazy notions and point people to the real Gospel.

Man Of God

Man of God tells the story of the Greek Orthodox Bishop Nektarios of Aegina. In 1891, Nektarios is unjustly slandered, falsely accused and convicted without a trial, then removed from his duties as Bishop of Cairo in Egypt. Exiled to Greece, he lives in poverty as he continues to live Gospel charity toward everyone he encounters. With pressure from church benefactors, his name is finally cleared. Nektarios becomes director of a school for seminarians and secular students. He then founds a monastery for nuns on the island of Aegina. Throughout his story, Nektarios is met with opposition and hatred at every turn. However, he returns this ill treatment from other church leaders with the Gospel values of love, patience, kindness, and self-denial.

Brothers Keeper

My Brothers Keeper (2021) tells the story of Travis Fox and his struggle with PTSD as he tries to find his way back to purpose, meaning and faith. Travis Fox and his friend, Ron “Preach” Pearcy, are in their sixth combat deployment. Preach asks if Travis would pray for him and his platoon. Travis responds by saying he doesn’t believe in the Bible. Sadly, Preach is killed in an ambush. Travis returns to his hometown to find his best friend and the town are controlled by rival gangs. However, his real enemy is PTSD. Travis believes life is hopeless until he befriends a church counselor.


Monster is a thoughtful, moving portrait streaming on Netflix of a black teenage boy accused of being an accomplice to murder. Steve is a high school junior with dreams of being a filmmaker. A smart bookworm, he wanders his working-class neighborhood looking for unusual angles to film for his student projects. Steve meets a young man who offers to show him the “street life” in the neighborhood. One day, the man and his friend kill a shop owner during a robbery, and Steve is arrested and jailed for allegedly being the lookout. Can Steve clear his name?


Pixar’s new animated comedy, Luca, is about a young teenage boy. Luca visits a beautiful seaside Italian town with his newfound friend, Alberto. They hope to win a local race so they can buy a used Vespa motor scooter to see the world. However, their plans are threatened by the town’s conceited bully. Also, the boys harbor a deep secret: they are both sea monsters from another world below the ocean’s surface. They get help from a local girl who’s been itching to stop the bully’s reign of terror. Totally excellent movie

Dog Gone Trouble

In Dog Gone Trouble, a pampered dog named Trouble must navigate life in the outside world after his rich owner dies, and he gets accidentally tossed outdoors into a moving truck. Claire and Norbert, the niece and nephew of the late dog owner, are extremely greedy. They want the whole inheritance even if it means they must pretend taking care of Trouble. When Trouble gets lost on the streets, Claire and Norbert do everything in their power to find him. Will Trouble survive the outdoor world as a street dog? Will Claire and Norbert get away with taking the inheritance they clearly don’t deserve? This movie is awesome

Ice Road

The Ice Road is an adventure thriller streaming on Netflix. It stars Liam Neeson as Mike McCann, an ice road truck driver. Mike takes a dangerous job to deliver heavy drilling equipment across a melting road to save the lives of 26 men trapped in a mine in Northern Canada. Mike is joined by two other truck drivers, including a young but tough Native American woman and the man who hired them. Along with them is Mike’s brother, a top-notch mechanic. The team must brave stalled engines, cracked ice and violent pressure waves, but the real threat turns out to be one they never saw coming.


A tender and sweeping story about what roots us, Minari follows a Korean-American family that moves to a tiny Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. The family home changes completely with the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed, but incredibly loving grandmother. Amidst the instability and challenges of this new life in the rugged Ozarks, Minari shows the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home.

Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend Of Bagger Vance stars Will Smith as a caddy who becomes a spiritual guide and guardian angel for a troubled young man, who finds redemption on the golf course. Matt Damon plays Capt. Junuh, a World War I veteran who disappears after a horrible experience on the battlefields of Europe. Junuh becomes a local hero with great, but perhaps unfounded, expectations when his rich ex-fiancée, played by Charlize Theron, gets him to play in a golf tournament with two actual professional champions. Smith plays the caddy, Bagger Vance, who helps Junuh re-discover the gifts that God gave him when he was born.


NOBODY follows a middle-aged man named Hutch Mansell, who gets back into a world of violence and secrecy after intruders break into his home. After confronting the intruder one evening afterwards, Hutch fends off some young men who appear to have bad intentions for a woman on a bus. In helping the woman, however, he kills a man with ties to the Russian mob.
Now, Hutch must evade this well-connected drug lord and keep his family safe too. Will he be up to the task?


Nomadland stars Frances McDormand. She plays Fern, a fiftysomething woman who goes on the road in a van after losing her job at a Nevada sheetrock plant. Fern heads to the Arizona desert to visit a van-dwelling community for retirees and similar people. Later, at a wildlife park, Fern runs into Dave, a man she knew at the sheetrock plant. Dave invites her to see his family. Fern agrees but visits her own family first. Fern still feels an urge to keep moving, but from what and where to, are the questions.


The Marksman stars Liam Neeson as Jim Hanson, a recently widowed Arizona rancher and former Marine. Jim tries to protect a Mexican woman and her son, Miguel, from drug cartel thugs at the southern border. A gunfight ensues, and Jim drives off the thugs, but the mother dies from a gunshot wound. Before she dies, Jim promises her he’ll do what he can to help Miguel get safely to her sister in Chicago. However, the drug cartel thugs are hot on their trail.

In The Heights

In The Heights follows the New York City community of Washington Heights one summer. Filmmakers focus on several characters who have “sueñitos,” or little dreams. One man in his late twenties desires to move back to the Dominican Republic. He struggles with his desire because his girlfriend wants to remain in New York to become a fashion designer. Likewise, a father wants his daughter to thrive at Sandford University, but she is conflicted about how she can make a positive impact in the world.

Final Frequency

Set in Los Angeles, FINAL FREQUENCY follows a science professor who gets kidnapped by nefarious people who want to use his research on Nikola Tesla. Tesla believed that sound frequencies could be used for mind control and to create earthquakes. According to the story, the famous scientist wrote down his findings in a notebook. After the kidnapping, a savvy, female graduate student accepts the challenge to find her professor and save the city from impending doom. Will she succeed?

Peter Rabbit 2

In the first PETER RABBIT movie in 2018, Peter learns to do the right thing instead of causing trouble. In PETER RABBIT 2: THE RUNAWAY, Peter becomes upset when other people, including a new friend, think he’s the same mischievous troublemaker he used to be. The new friend, an elderly rabbit from the city named Barnabas, is the leader of a gang of animals who steal food from humans to survive. Barnabas entices Peter to bring his family and friends to help the gang heist barrels of dried fruit and veggies from the city’s farmers market.


Magic Camp follows Andy, a washed-up stage magician who’s recruited to be a counselor at the Institute of Magic, where he learned all his skills as a child. Theo, the young boy who is the focus of the movie, just lost his father and heads to the Institute of Magic looking to somehow connect with his dad again because card tricks are something they did together. Along the way, both Andy and Theo help each other in many ways when they didn’t even know they needed the other.


The Woman in the Window is a new thriller streaming on Netflix. Anna is a child psychologist. Like many of her patients, however, Anna struggles with debilitating anxiety and can’t leave her home. Consequently, Anna and her spouse are separated, and she hasn’t seen her daughter in a while. When a new family moves in across the street, Anna befriends the wife and mother. One night, she sees the husband murder her new friend. The son and the father deny it, however, and the father shows up with a new woman he claims is his wife. Will anyone believe the “crazy” lady in the window?

Yes Day

YES DAY is a family comedy streaming on Netflix about parents who say yes to their children for one whole day. Allison and Carlos find themselves saying no constantly to their three children. When they find out about a day where parents say yes to their kids, within guidelines, they decide to take the challenge. However, Katie, their teenage daughter, doesn’t think they can do it. Allison promises Katie can attend a concert festival with her friend if she fails the challenge.

Once upon a snowman

Once Upon A Snowman is a cartoon short on Disney Plus about the origins of Olaf the Snowman from the first FROZEN movie. The cartoon picks up with Elsa using her powers in the mountains. Right away, she creates Olaf the Snowman. However, Olaf can’t remember his name and doesn’t have a nose. The clerk at Wandering Oaken’s store gives him a summer sausage for a nose. Happily, Olaf walks out of the store, but he runs into a pack of snarling wolves who chase him to eat his new nose. Will Olaf escape the wolves? Will he find his name and discover his identity?

Flora & Ulysses

FLORA & ULYSSES is a family comedy streaming on Disney Plus. Flora, a 10-year-old girl, is upset because her parents have separated. Her father can’t find anyone to publish his superhero comic books. With her father out of the house, Flora’s mother, a successful romance novelist, has lost her romantic muse. As a result, she’s developed a severe case of writer’s block. One day, Flora revives a squirrel who was hit on the head and sucked up by a rogue vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence. The incident gives the squirrel superpowers and the ability to understand human language. However, a mean animal control officer is after the squirrel, because a crazy waitress thinks the squirrel has rabies.