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Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Following the events of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, the heroes of Arcadia must band together to protect humanity from the evil Arcane Order, who wield their dark and uncontrollable magic to summon ancient titans that threaten to destroy the world.

How It Ends

In this feel good apocalyptic comedy, freewheeling Liza (Zoe Lister-Jones) scores an invite to one last wild party before the world ends. But making it there won’t be easy, after her car is stolen, and the clock is ticking on her plan to tie up loose ends with friends and family. Accompanied by her younger self (Cailee Spaeny), Liza embarks on a hilarious journey across Los Angeles, running into an eclectic cast of characters.

No Ordinary Man

American jazz musician Billy Tipton developed a reputable touring and recording career in the mid-twentieth century, along with his band The Billy Tipton Trio. After his death in the late 80s, it was revealed that Tipton was assigned female at birth, and his life was swiftly reframed as the story of an ambitious woman passing as a man in pursuit of a music career.

Sleepless Unrest

The world-famous haunted house that inspired the Conjuring films has recently been sold and is now open to paranormal investigations. A small group of close friends is invited to move in and document a real haunted house for two weeks. Filmmakers Vera and Kendall Whelpton, along with their paranormal investigator friends Richel Stratton and Brian Murray immerse themselves deep into the experience. With hopes of capturing real paranormal evidence day and night, the team will investigate and document the house best known for a seance gone wrong, with a possible demonic possession. Will they be able to make it through their stay? Do spirits still haunt this home or is it something more sinister?

How To Deter a Robber

In a desolate Northern Wisconsin town, a stubborn young woman and her naïve boyfriend face off against a pair of amateur house burglars.

The Maid

Joy is the new maid of a royal house, whose previous maid disappeared under mysterious circumstances and is now haunting and terrorizing the family. Joy works to uncover the reason behind the former maid’s disappearance.

Out Of Death

Retired cop Jack Harris’s (Bruce Willis) solace in the remote wilderness is hijacked when he encounters a lone hiker, Shannon (Jaime King), who’s on the run from dirty police. Determined to help her at any cost, Jack must tap into his killer instincts to survive the wilderness and the human predators within it.


A truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregonian wilderness must return to his past in Portland in search of his beloved foraging pig after she is kidnapped. Good Movie

Fear Street Part 3

Thrust back to 1666, Deena learns the truth about Sarah Fier. Back in 1994, the friends fight for their lives — and Shadyside’s future.

Great White

VOD/ Digital July 16 2021
A blissful tourist trip turns into a nightmare when five seaplane passengers are stranded miles from shore. In a desperate bid for survival, the group try to make it to land before they either run out of supplies or are taken by a menacing terror lurking just beneath the surface.

Die In A Gunfight

Mary and Ben are the star-crossed black sheep of two powerful families engaged in a centuries-long feud. When the pair reignite a romance after many years apart, their forbidden love draws a motley assortment of schemers and killers into their orbit, and as fists and bullets fly, it becomes clear that violent delights will have violent ends.

Werewolves Within

When a proposed pipeline creates hostilities between residents of a small town, a newly-arrived forest ranger must keep the peace after a snowstorm confines the townspeople to an old lodge. But when a mysterious creature begins terrorizing the group, their worst tendencies and prejudices rise to the surface, and it is up to the ranger to keep the residents alive, both from each other and the monster which plagues them.


The Sleepover is an action comedy streaming on Netflix. Clancy is in ninth grade and is having trouble communicating with her mother. Clancy’s brother, Kevin, is in middle school and tries not to let things get to him, even when he’s bullied. When Kevin’s best friend, Lewis, comes over for a sleepover, Lewis overhears some bad guys capturing Clancy and Kevin’s mom, Margot, and their dad, Ron. The kidnappers are forcing Margot and Ron to steal a very important crown at an upcoming gala. Kevin and Clancy follow some clues. They must figure out how to help their parents. Must see movie


Streaming now on Apple TV+, Cherry follows a young man, played by Spider-Man star, Tom Holland, who goes to war during his prime college years. He returns to his hometown of Ohio only to be haunted by PTSD. After some time back on American soil, he and his wife become drug addicts and abuse alcohol too. However, they don’t have the funds to keep up their bad habits. So, the veteran takes to stealing from banks.

Under The Stadium Lights

Under The Stadium Lights is an inspirational story based on the 2009 football team at Abilene High School in Texas. The movie follows the lives of three young football players as they navigate their lives on and off the football field. While three young men battle their personal life struggles, they find hope and inspiration through football. Moreover, the team chaplain offers the team advice through faith and sets an outstanding example for the community. Although the journey isn’t easy, the football team overcomes many obstacles to set national and statewide records.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

A rogue artificial intelligence kidnaps the son of famed basketball player LeBron James, who then has to work with Bugs Bunny to win a basketball game.
Running time 115 minutes

Escape room: Tournament of Champions

Six people unwittingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have in common to survive. Joining forces with two of the original survivors, they soon discover they've all played the game before.

Boss Baby: Family Business

The Boss Baby: Family Business follows a now-grown Tim and his sweet family. One day, Tim’s younger and successful businessman brother, Ted, comes for a visit. Things get turned upside down when the brothers learn that Tim’s youngest daughter, Tina, works for a pro-baby organization called Baby Corp. Tim and Ted take a potion that turns them into younger versions of themselves where they’re forced to blend with children. They find out a local school headmaster has big plans to take away authority from all parents. They hatch a plan to stop him.


Greyhound is a war movie starring Tom Hanks as Ernest Krause, the first-time American captain of a lead battleship destroyer protecting a convoy of merchant ships and troop ships heading for England in February 1942 during World War II. For 50 hours, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the convoy is without an air escort until it gets closer to England. As soon as the air cover stops, the convoy faces a “wolf pack” of seven German submarines. The German subs repeatedly attack.

Forever Purge

The Forever Purge opens with a Mexican couple, Juan and Adela, crossing the Mexican-U.S. border illegally. Months later, Juan works on the beautiful Texas ranch of the wealthy Tucker family while Adela works in a beef processing facility. Meanwhile, the Purge party has returned to power and re-instituted the 12-hour Purge night, where people can commit any crime they want, including murder, and not be arrested. Eventually, Juan and Adela must team up with the Tucker family to find sanctuary in Mexico when a countrywide group of white nationalists decides the Purge night is a good excuse to murder all foreigners and should never end. Will the two families survive?

Wish Dragon

Wish Dragon is a comical animated fantasy on Netflix. A college boy named Din in Shanghai is deciding what’s most important in life when he ends up possessing a magical teapot containing a wish-granting dragon. Din wants is to get his childhood best friend back. However, his friend, Li Na, now lives a wealthy lifestyle as a beautiful model. Regrettably, bad men are after the magical teapot Din possesses. Will the villains ruin Din’s chances of growing close again with his old friend by stealing the magic teapot?

Heavens War

Heavens War is the story of freshman U.S. Senator Jonah Thompson. Jonah’s work as a senator gets him caught up in a battle between real demonic forces and the forces of good, including the angel Gabriel. Will Jonah recognize his life’s true savior, or will he give in to temptations and sin?

Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War is a superb science fiction thriller streaming on Amazon Prime. Chris Pratt stars as Dan Forester, a former soldier and biology expert enjoying life in December 2021 with his wife and 9-year-old daughter. Some soldiers from 2051 suddenly interrupt a World Cup soccer game. They tell the world that future humanity needs help defeating a horde of alien monsters. One year later, humanity is losing the war. Because of his expertise and military experience, Dan is drafted to travel to 2051 to help retrieve 12 lab vials that could mass produce an alien-killing toxin.

Black Widow

Black Widow (2021), Marvel and Disney’s new superhero movie, opens on her life years ago, when Natasha and her sister, Yelena, were taken from the world they know in Ohio and flown to Communist Cuba. They are put into “The Red Room,” a place where the Soviet Union brainwashes young girls and trains them to kill. Natasha eventually defects from the program, however. Years later, after the events in Captain America: Civil War, Natasha and her sister get together and want to go back to rescue the other girls from the harm being done to them.
Release Date: 9 July 2021
Runtime: 103 minutes

Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking is a dystopian science fiction thriller set in the future on a planet, where men’s thoughts are heard by anyone and everyone. The protagonist, Todd, works to control his thoughts when a female from another planet crashes into his world. However, the mayor of Todd’s town has an aversion to this woman and chases after her. Todd helps her get away. He leaves his family and learns the truth about his community and the mayor.