Written by: Natasha Bidinoff-Garginer

Differently abled people face unique challenges in their lives. There are many disabilities and some are more obvious than others.

These disabilities affect our lives greatly, but at the same time, we can and do enjoy our beautiful lives. We long for what is the “norm” because our options are limited. We are often prevented from making the most of ourselves. Society judges us. Yes, we feel discriminated against.

We didn’t ask to be born with a disability or to be physically injured or physically abused, but it happened. We are judged and mocked. We have been called hurtful names. These words do more than simply hurt: they destroy our self-confidence and rip us apart.

Is it fair not having the chance to be accepted and belong in this world? Just because we have a disability, does not make us less human or less deserving of being treated equally. We are not asking for a free ride. We know we have to earn your respect and our own self-respect, but please listen and hear our dreams.

Life is incredible and we are all a part of it and are all consumed by it. So really, what is life supposed to be? Cruelty and hatred or love and kindness towards each other? Hatred, in my opinion, is a disability. Why? Because people who live embracing and speaking of hatred don’t know how to love properly. It’s easy just to be pushed around, letting others rule over our lives.

But how long will we allow that to happen? We are all differently-abled, so why don’t we use that to our advantage. Imagine a group of people; each person is an individual who has one part of the brain that is dominant in some skill like art, math, or language.

Taking each dominant part and piecing them together would form one beautiful complete brain! Imagine what we could accomplish! So instead of focusing on picking on each other’s weaknesses, why not learn to work together, accept each other and collaborate to make life beautiful.

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