bio_dave_hingsburgerI rolled into the shop for the first time. Up until now Joe’s just headed over and picked up what I needed when I needed it. Today I decided that I’d like to go take a look at what they had and ask a couple questions of the clerk. I’ve not been in a shop where they sell weights and other fitness, and martial arts, stuff ever before in my life. I rolled through the door and over to where the weights were. I own several of two different kinds. I don’t like the grip on some of my sets because they are so big, and I have big hands. I wondered if there was a reason for them being designed that way and I wondered how much I should go up, I’d typically gone up in two to three pound steps but was considering going up five.

The clerk was quite helpful and answered all my questions. He was certain that I was ready to go up five pounds and I tried out a variety of weights and decided that he was right. It would be hard work, but I think I can handle the larger step. After the purchase he smiled at me and predicted, with certainty, that I’d be back soon needing another five.

So, I know this is kind of a boring post and not a particularly inspiring or interesting tale.


Shopping for weights is not what I’m writing about.

Tomorrow I have to go to a senior team meeting at a location where I’ve been before. Because we are leaving on a road trip, to Atlanta first where I’ll do the keynote at the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals second annual conference and from there to Florida for a wee bit of a holiday. So, while Joe would normally stay with me to assist me at the venue tomorrow, it’s a long push to the washroom, he won’t be able to stay. He’ll be coming home to get the wheelchair van we are renting and pack it up. Then he’ll come to get me.

You know what?

I’m not worried. I know I will have the strength and the stamina to push myself all over the venue, completely unassisted. I’ve been working to have stronger arms and to have more stamina when getting myself around.

So, boring or not, I’m excited about tomorrow and independence regained.

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