Joe waited outside with our shopping and I went in to go to the toilet. I checked the disabled stall and it was empty. Then I busied myself by getting the door open while turning my chair to back into the space beside the toilet. As I was doing this a man of about my age stopped to watch me do what I was doing. Others had come in, it was a busy washroom, but none had taken interest in what I was doing. He however was fascinated. I pretended he wasn’t there because, well, what else do you do? I knew that I was seconds away from being in and closing the door.

Then he asked me a question, “How do you do it”

“He is asking me how I take a shit,” I thought to myself, a bit shocked, and thought further “What a personal question.”

“Pardon? I asked, incredulously.

“How do you do it?” he said and this time I heard what he said.

“How do I do it,” I said looking at him in some earnest and he nodded, looking back and forth between me and the toilet, “Well the best way to explain is that when a daddy loves a mommy …”

Suddenly he heard, in his mind, the question he’d asked. His face blistered with heat and he rushed to a stall. The guy standing at the urinal was laughing so hard that he said through his laughter, “Shit, I’m going to piss on my shoes.”

Me? I was just happy that I had a new answer to that question, “How do you do it, really , how?”

Can’t wait for the next person.

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