I have friends from all walks of life, if we were all the same life would get boring for me.  I “Don’t judge people” “They are who They are” I think.  There are different types of friendships.

One set of friendships, are your lifelong friends from school.  Like for 30 or 40 years or so. You don’t need a lot friends to begin with.  Just a few close friends are all you need.  Then there are the acquaintance/friendship’s types.  Where you just bump into from time to time.  I treat all my friends the same too.  Sometimes friendship’s drift apart for no reason.  My mother always calls that “Fair Weather Friends”

You can confide in your friends, if you need to talk someone.  Friends can almost act like a counsellor, but they are just there to support you and listen to you.

How to meet and make new friendships, you meet people by volunteering at social events.  Volunteering at hospitals or the SPCA for an example.  My friends that I have now are very special to me I value them very highly.   They are like family to me.

I like to go the movies, have coffee and going for walks with my friends. I also think of my support staff as friends and sometimes I forget they are my support staff.  They are more than a support staff to me  J.

In the past, it was hard to make good genuine friends, but life got easier for me as I got older and I would not trade my friends for anything.


Cheryl Fryfield Self Advocate of Vancouver

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