It’s been a rough ride.

I apologize for simply disappearing from this blog.

I’ve heard from some of you, thank you for your concern.

You were right to be concerned.

I went to bed one night feeling good, feeling strong, having had a good workout and looking forward to the next day.

I got up in the morning in a vastly and impossibly weakened state.


I fell on the floor.

It’s all a bit of a blur after that.

I made some bad decisions.

I made some good decisions.

I presented myself to the hospital and about 12 minutes after seeing the doctor I was admitted with an IV bad dripping into my arm.

So much happened there.

So many stories.

No energy to tell them.

Once out of the hospital, I’m going to clinics and having nurses come to my house.

More stories.

Still no energy.

I’m writing this today because I feel a bump of energy this morning and I wanted to use that to update you here.

So many of you have followed this blog since it started.

I wanted you to know.

I do want to come back to more regular blogging. But give me a little time yet. I’m still fighting to get through the days. My health is returning more quickly than my strength or my energy.

Thanks for your patience.

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