AAEAAQAAAAAAAATIAAAAJDkxYjMyNTMyLWI4NDUtNDMzYS05NmY1LTFkZDQyMWJhMTgzYwI envision a world where people with developmental disabilities and a mental illness have access to social clubs to connect and belong with each other.

These clubs are inclusive. There is no stigma from the community towards people who have a developmental disabilities and a mental illness.

There is new funding to start social clubs around BC to find support and make friends in a safe and non-judgmental place.
In 25 years there will be awareness about the gifts and abilities of people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Communities will work together with CLBC and self-advocacy groups to create social clubs for people with and without disabilities. In 25 years there will be more inclusion and friendships.
I envision a world where self-advocacy groups are also provided with funding by government to create their own services for inclusion.

Service providers will have their pot of money and self-advocacy groups will also have money to create social clubs and supports that are organized and directed by self-advocates.

Our clubs will focus on safeguards, inclusion and be welcoming places where everyone belongs.
I envision a world where people are respected for who they are regardless of labels and have access to safe and protected and non-judgmental places in community.
I envision a world where people with diverse abilities and mental illness have equal opportunity for employment and self-employment.
I envision a world where no matter who you are and what you do you are treated with respect and dignity.
I want a world where self-advocacy groups are provided with funding as well as service providers.
I want a world where self-advocates create services for inclusion and other things for example educating the community on disabilities and mental illness.
I want a world where self-advocates stand up and call for change in the community.

In 25 years Across BC self-advocate groups will have enough money to run their own programs sort of like Individualized funding money people get, they will get their fair share to create more change in the community with self-advocacy money for groups.

We need to create more natural connections in the community sort of like other friendship programs out there does but different then best buddies we can be friend anyone we want to be friends with.

Long term goals is making friendship programs for the community with and without disabilities.
sort term goals is making a social club for self-advocates to be friend anyone with disabilities and be in the community most of the time either going to movie theaters, swimming, Christmas parties, new year’s parties, Halloween parties etc.

We want the government and Community living BC to focus on creating natural connections.

Most of us have paid staff in our life and very few friends. So we are kind of isolated but it’s getting better for sure.

There still needs work on transforming day programs so this is one way to transform the day programs across BC.

I want all of us as self-advocates to call for this money by community living BC.

Friendship groups or social clubs is one way to achieve a better world for us all, there should be a questionnaire on how the money will be used by self-advocacy groups to create a better community for us all. What do you think self-advocates?

By Krystian Shaw

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