Krystian Shaw is a self advocate who lives in Kamloops, BC and is on the Editorial Board at CLBC in Vancouver. Here he shares his thoughts on Mother’s Day and how his mother has been an amazing support throughout his life.

This 2014 Mother’s Day was fantastic. It was a nice reflection on what my mom has done for me throughout the years. I love my mom and am so happy how she has supported me with all my goals.

When I was a teenager and wanted to be Santa Claus to entertain people with diversabilities. She supported me by buying me a Santa Suit. I can remember her stuffing a pillow in my Santa Suit because I was so thin back then.

When I was 11, I wanted to make some extra money so mom helped me to get a paper route. I did that for 2 years but at the time I couldn’t read so mom had to come with me and read where I was to go. She got up with me every morning except for Sunday at 6:30 in the morning and it took us one and a half hours to finish. But she made me do all the work, going up to the houses and going up and down stairs because I got all the money.

When a conference comes up, she finds a way for us to afford to go even if it’s through scholarship funds. When I wanted to join the editorial board, my mom supported me in going to Vancouver on my own with support on the other side to be independent. I am 24 and still live with my mom and I love it because she doesn’t parent me anymore. She is there for support and we are basically roommates. I pay for half the rent and half the bills and for my food. My mom cooks for me because I can’t do it with my special needs. We are like best friends.

My Mom is always there for me when I need her. She is the best mom in the world.

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