New Cheryl Fryfield photoWhat self-esteem means to me, is to love myself and do positive things in my life. Getting active in the community and keeping busy, is just one way of having a good self-esteem Thinking negative is the opposite of thinking positive.  Like putting yourself down a lot, instead of saying I can’t. How about just saying you can do it! Having a disability like myself; I will admit it is hard at times, to have a positive outlook.cant can

But with a good support network and a good group of friends, I have managed to over come a lot in my life.  A good “self-esteem” is a very good tool to use for work, school and other activities in your life.  To have a positive self-esteem also means, that you are able to handle things better like having a calm and clear mind when doing projects, or just hanging out with your friends.

Having a positive “self-esteem” can get you anywhere you want to go and achieve what you want in your life. Getting motivated to do things, you need a good “self-esteem” for that as well.  When you have people around you to support in your life, it does make a difference for your “self–esteem”.

When you are by yourself, a having a good “self-esteem will get you to do more things on your own instead of being dependent on other’s.  I think it’s good to have “self-esteem” so if you can be independent that is great!  If you want to know more about self-esteem, ask a friend, family member or your support worker, they can also help you go online to find out more about “self-esteem”


Take Care of yourself and each other.Love Self


Cheryl Fryfield

Self Advocate of Vancouver BC

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