Hi Everyone!  My name is Sheenagh Morrison. Some of you know that I was very upset when the previous government made changes to our bus pass.

I am very happy about the new NDP government.  It’s a government that cares about people with Diverse Abilities. I know because they have listened and heard that poverty is one of the biggest issues for people.

I’m proud to support the NDP because we have already received a $100 increase in our Person’s with a Disability benefits and we can make more money, up to $1000/month before these benefits get reduced. I’m very happy about having the bus pass restored in 2018. This means we will get a transportation subsidy or our cheque or we can ask for a free bus pass like it used to be.The bus pass means so much to people with diverse abilities. It makes us more independent to get to and from work and to recreation like sports and Special Olympics and just to be able to access our community.

I have been visiting Parliament regularly because I am friends with the new Finance Minister, Carol James. We have catch ups in her office. I attend question period where the old liberal government get to ask questions to the new NDP government.

It’s good to have connections in government because then politicians can hear directly from people who live with diverse abilities.

It’s really important that people vote and know the different ways to get their voice heard like knowing who your MLA is because that’s how changes get made.

Self advocates and allies spoke up about the bus pass and now we can feel proud that our voices got heard.

I also won a big award for my involvement with the NDP. It’s called the Norman Davey Memorial Award for Community Leadership.

Thank-you Carol James and the NDP team for your love, support and friendship.




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