What are some basic workplace safety tips?


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Basic workplace safety tips include training workers on safety procedures; reducing hazards by modifying workplace conditions rather than adding security measures; and performing safety tests and inspections, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Employers should also continually inform employees about hazards through alarms, posters and other avenues.

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A few examples of reducing hazards by modifying workplace conditions include using safer chemicals and better ventilation systems instead of requiring workers to wear masks, gloves or other equipment, explains OSHA. Employers should keep detailed records of any illnesses, injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Other safety tips, particularly for sites with a lot of machinery, involve performing work only if the proper tools and machines are present, notes Total. Workers should follow correct operating processes when starting and shutting down machinery and observe speed limits and wear the proper protective gear such as a safety harness if working at a height. Workers need to be aware of their surroundings to avoid such hazards as walking under a load when lifting is occurring.

A crime-related safety tip entails keeping valuables locked in a safe place or on the body, says the National Crime Prevention Council. Another is to never walk out alone if working late.

Inspections, Testing, Training Certified Professionals

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