By Michelle McDonald

In 2001 I was having a bad time.

The buses were on strike and I couldn’t go to my volunteer job at the Transplant Society.

My grandma was in hospital and I couldn’t go to see her on my own.

Most taxi drivers were not very helpful to me.

I had broken shoulder and they did not help me with my bags.

My Mom had to drive me to the hospital to see grandma in bed. I felt that the time was chaos and I was frustrated.


I got an idea to write a story to show my anger. I wrote about spiders. I like spiders and I respect them.

They are environmentally friendly and they kill off the bugs we don’t like.

I made a story about spiders coming to earth and making the world a more fair place.

Making everything equal for people with disabilities. Making governments and transit treat people with disabilities 100% fairly.

Right now I feel they only treat them 90% fairly at the most.


Here is an example from my story:


“The invading spiders look like half human and half spider. there’s now a million, zillion, eons of amazons Spiders.

A year later they came back finding the governments of the planet earth have not changed their rules and money for the people with disabilities of the world so they transformed all the governments into Borgs (half humans and half robots)”


Writing my story made me feel like I was equalizing the tragedy of what’s going on in the world now.

It released my anger a bit.

I encourage people to demand fair rights for everyone.

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